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We design and manufacture custom-made bicycles and tandems. Each detail fits the body, personality and unique needs of each of each customer.

Campmajó Bikes

Based near Tarragona, Spain, at Campmajó Bikes we handcraft customised aluminium bicycles and tandems. We also manufacture bicycle frames for third parties, including companies and non-profit organizations.

Each of our bicycles is unique and fully adapted to the needs of each of our customers. Our range of products includes road, gravel and hard tail bicycles and tandems, and double suspension tandems, both muscular and electric. Our work for third parties, our Factory division, currently includes projects such as the manufacture of tricycles, sit-bikes, urban bicycles and “street” trial bicycle frames.

Our company was founded in 2021 on the basis of more than 30 years of experience of our Co-Fundator and Head of Operations Lluís Campmajó, who began handcrafting bicycles in the 1980s. Since then, we have been consolidating our bicycle design and welding skills until we have become one of the few artisan producers of aluminium bicycles in Europe.

Some of our main successes include: the development of the double suspension electric tandem with integrated batteries, the development of a tandem with a low step over and the design of the first custom and oscillatory electric bicycle together with Muntané Full Balance.

Our mission is to establish ourselves in the tandem sector and consolidate our Factory business by producing bicycles for third parties. Our vision is to become the Spanish brand of reference when thinking about the personalization of bicycles and tandems, integrating sustainability into our fundamental values and practices.

Our main values include:

sport, health, well-being, inclusion and innovation

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Our team

Lluís Campmajó


Lluís is responsible of Campmajó Bikes’ operations, he makes all the designs and manufacturing  of our bicycles.

He has more than 30 years of experience designing and handcrafting bicycles using machine-supported craftsmanship.

Throughout his professional career he has designed and handcrafted very diverse bicycles and mechanical engineering pieces, elaborate and innovative. From the design of double suspension electric tandems with integrated double battery, to the preparation of desert crossing cars to the development of adapted tricycles. His creativity and capacity for innovation have given him a lot of renown in the sector.

Anna Llongueras


Anna is responsible of the finances, sales and strategy of Campmajó. 

Previously, until February 2023 she was M&A Manager at Thinkproject, a construction software company owned by EQT and TA Partners.

She has more than five years of experience in investment banking in London, and previously worked, among others, at Rothschild and Jefferies, in London, Paris, Milan, São Paolo and Madrid.

She studied Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University and has a bachelor in Business Administration and Management from ESADE.

Sergi Llongueras


Sergi is responsible of all the marketing and brand image of Campmajó Bikes. He is also our brand ambassador. 

Since 2012 he has been a professional athlete participating in international events with the Spanish Cycling Team.

In 2018 he was second in the Trial 26″ UCI World Championships in Chendgu, China and in 2019 he was proclaimed Trial 26″ World Champion also in Chengdu. 

He is a last year student of Mechanical Engineering at TecnoCampus University.

Our history

Speaking about the history of Campmajó Bikes is talking about the life of Lluís Campmajó. Lluís has been a passionate about bicycles since he was very young. At the age of 12 he was already competing in cycling trial championships, a discipline which was called “trialsín” at that time. It was then that, with his first notions of mechanics, at the age of 14 he built his own trial bicycle.

Lluís continued to compete in both bicycle and motorcycle trials, he studied to be a mechanic in Granollers and at the age of twenty he became a fan of mountain biking. One day he passed in front of a bicycle shop and saw some aluminum models that caught his attention, he decided to ask for the price, but the bikes were too expensive. However, he asked for a catalogue. When he arrived home, he saw that on the last page of the catalogue there was a perfect plan of the bicycle frame. That was the only piece of information he needed to start his path towards making his dream come true, creating his own bicycle brand.

Enthusiastic about the fact that they wanted an aluminum bicycle, together with a friend, they bought the first aluminum tubes they found and took the bicycle to weld in a workshop in Mataró. After assembling the components they began to try it, but the bicycle did not last for half an hour! The quality of the tubes they had purchased was too low.

After this first disappointment, as they already had the components and geometry, they decided to make a second bicycle and this time they decided to make it from steel. Although the quality of the tubes was still very low, this time it didn’t brake.

90s articles on some of the first Campmajó mountain bikes made with aluminium.

At that time, the offer of bicycles was scarce, and seeing that he had made a bicycle, some people nearby began to ask Lluís to make on for them. After receiving quite a few interested parties, he decided to look for a supplier of better-quality tubes, specific to making bicycles, which at that time were Reynolds tubes. Also, with the help of his parents, he bought his first welding-machine and. From there, he began manufacturing the first bicycles of his own brand: Campmajó.

In 1996 he opened his own bicycle shop in Argentona, where he sold the bicycles he manufactured at his workshop and at the same time worked as a mechanic fixing his customers’ bicycles. During that time he became a well-known manufacturer within the cycling community in the area.

Since then he has never stopped following his passion for  handcrafting bicycles and has specialized a lot in the design of parts and aluminium welding. Thanks to his great capacity for innovation and creativity to adapt each of the products to other people’s needs, he has developed many types of bikes, always looking for ways to improve people’s lives through cycling. Examples include recumbent bicycles, tandems, tricycles adapted for people with reduced mobility and the creation of a folding wheel system with electric motor for wheelchairs.

Seeing Lluís’ great talent and the great potential of the project created throughout her career, in 2021 Anna and Sergi Llongueras joined the team to take Campmajó Bikes to the next level. They founded the company with the mission of making a European bicycle factory, with the aim of promoting the manufacture of aluminum bicycles and parts in Europe, and creating a renound brand in the customized manufacture of bicycles and tandems in our region.

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