This is the new bike we have made for Jonas Friedrich! A German rider at the top of UCI world ranking, who seeks to improve its riding through health, with fluid and natural movements. His interest and trust has allowed us to share with him our vision of sport and health with our concept of geometry developed by Muntané Full Balance together with the advice of Muntané Sports Biomechanics. We are very excited that a top-level pilot like him tries our RISE 20”.

This is our M-size RISE 20” model (1005mm) customized to the taste of the pilot. In this case, Jonas has decided to keep the color of polished aluminum in view with a protective finish of bright varnish and contrasting the logos with an intense black color. What do you think? We love it!!🔥

Regarding the specifications of the frame, he has chosen rim break at the front and disc break at the back, BSA bottom bracket and through axles both in front and at the back. For the components, he has chosen to assemble its own with the collaboration of one of its sponsors, Hashtagg Bikes.

At the end of 2023 Jonas contacted us as he was very interested in testing one of our 20″ bicycles and thus being able to feel our new concept of more ergonomic trial geometry, which allows you a much more fluid, natural and healthy movement. We immediately booked a place in our production line and started with his online assessment to find what was the most suitable bicycle size for him.

Jonas not only wanted the bicycle but also to understand the entire Campmajó team and the biomechanics that exist behind this innovative concept in the world of trial. When the bicycle was ready, we organized a visit to show him our factory facilities, assemble the fork and frame with his components and, in the afternoon, do some training in Sant Cugat where he could meet Luís and Miquel Muntané, biomechanic and engineer of Muntané Full Balance respectively. There, both Miquel Muntané and Sergi Llongueras were able to explain first-hand the new concept of geometry with practical examples, in addition, Lluís Muntané was able to advise Jonas on the positioning of his body, pains, accumulated rigidity and more.

It was a very interesting day for the whole team as we were able to share our brand’s philosophy and our vision of sport and health. We leave you with Jonas’s feedback after having trained with the bike for a week.

“My Campmajó bike is super comfortable in all techniques in general, but especially in any technical situation where the balance is the number one factor. The Campmajó geometry concept is 100% my favorite. The movement is more precise, easier to control, easier to stop the dynamics and impulse, easier to have the bicycle in a “moment of silence” when necessary. It is incredible, in all techniques I have a positive benefit, in dynamic and static movements.– Jonas Friedrich

New concept of geometry for a more fluid and healthy pilotage.