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RISE 20"

RISE 26"

Campmajó RISE is the result of satisfying the need to be able to do Trial, even at the highest level, in a healthy and efficient way, creating the right base so that the body can perform at its maximum without postural and respiratory limitations.

Our riders at the UCI Super Worlds in Scotland:

Irene Caminos and Sergi Llongueras



Muntané Full Balance “MFB” is an innovative and patented system of bespoke geometries that seeks to find harmony between the movement of the rider and the bike, allowing each rider to enjoy their own natural movement without accumulating stiffness and harmful tensions in the body in the long term.

A geometry that adapts to your unique oscillatory pattern and that allows you to reach maximum performance through health and well-being, reducing discomfort and accumulated neuromuscular fatigue.

"The efficiency of a bicycle depends on its ability to follow the movement of the cyclist's body"
Miquel Muntané
Engineer and creator of the "MFB" concept

Three years ago, due to the injuries and physical discomfort suffered by Sergi Llongueras and thanks to the collaboration with Muntané Full Balance, we launched the first trial prototype adapted to the body and movement of the rider. Now, after three years of testing and refinement, we want to make this concept accessible to everyone to bring health to the world of trials.

The Campmajó X Muntané Full Balance team unites Lluís and Miquel’s knowledge of biomechanics applied to cycling, the experience, continuous development and improvement of Sergi Llongueras and our capacity and experience in the production of high-quality bicycles.

During these years, we have been able to observe and verify what are the main problems that current trial bikes have right now. From here, we developed 20″ and 26″ Campmajó bikes with a geometry concept designed by MFB that is completely innovative in the trials world.

“I see significant postural defects in biketrials, unnecessary efforts and breathing with excessive tension, the CAMPMAJÓ brand together with the study of the custom geometry of MUNTANÉ FULL BALANCE guarantees the development of optimal back muscular balance, the correct alignment of the hip and adequate joint bending range of the extremities. We make sure that the practice of repetitive exercise is healthy and that postural attitudes also improve”
Lluís Muntané
Lluís Muntané, Biomechanic and specialized therapist - SPORT Life magazine

The main differences between Campmajó and the bicycles that we currently find in the market are:

1. We work with shorter reaches and longer stems

This allows us to delay the turning point of the bike, making it more in line with the body’s natural turning point, the abdomen. We are used to going with long reaches, a longer reach of the account can cause tension and pain in the back, neck and ribcage.

2. Smaller head tube angles and increased fork offset

This adjustment allows us to achieve a much more agile and natural interaction between frame and fork, making the transmission of movement between feet and hands more fluid and without interruptions. In this way, the small gestures to hold the balance are much easier and more pleasant for the rider.


At Campmajó we have verified that this system allows us to make trial a much healthier, fun and accessible sport. We want the maximum number of people to be able to enjoy it, this is why we have created two different levels of customization:


Through a biomechanical study, we find the ideal geometry for your body dimensions and your natural movement. This is the option we recommend the most, especially if you are a pilot who is dedicated to competition or have some kind of pain or physical pathology.

Muntané Full Balance (“MFB”) system

  • Price includes face-to-face measurement session (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain)
  • Custom geometry design (MFB system)
  • Frame and suspension plate manufacturing
  • Frame painting (1 frame colour + 1 logo colour)
  • Stem, handlebar and seat measurement and placement
  • Assembly of components (if chosen by the customer)
  • VAT included



While it will always be better to have a bike made just for you, MFB has created four standard sizes to be able to approximate the most suitable geometry for each customer without the need for a biomechanical study.

This is the best choice for growing young riders and people who want a healthier trials bike for spontaneous training


We are a fully independent bike manufacturer, meaning that we do not rely on any other outside company to manufacture our frames and forks. Our bikes are 100% manufactured in Catalonia.

We shape the tubes ourselves, design and manufacture the machined parts of the bikes and weld the frames together one by one. The fact of producing bicycles by hand means that we can adapt each bicycle to the customer’s taste, but it also gives added value to our product, since each bicycle is unique and has been created with great care, taking care of even the smallest detail.

In addition, the creation process becomes a unique experience for the customer, since he participates in the design of every detail of his bike, as well as being able to track and see all the steps we take during the manufacturing process .


Paint is a key part of customizing and finishing your bike. We want it to be unique and completely to your liking, that’s why we offer more than 100 colors to choose from when making your design!

The price of the frame includes two colors, one for the frame and another for the logos as shown in the example. If you want a more specific or elaborate design, contact us or indicate it in the personalization form at the end of this page.


Sergi has been a rider for Campmajó Bikes since 2020, when in collaboration with Muntané Full Balance we designed a custom bike adapted to his movement and his body to be able to cure the pain in his knee that he had been suffering for years.

For this project, Sergi needed a bicycle brand that, following his vision, was able to produce new and innovative prototypes and accompany him in the development of a bicycle concept that has not yet been done before in the world of trials.

Campmajó RISE is the result of solving the need to be able to do trials, even at the highest level, in a healthy and efficient way creating the right base for the body to perform at it’s best.

The bending of the body became my weakest point due to the stiffness that I accumulated using a geometry that did not respect my movement. The bending that the Campmajó RISE allows me is something that I had not experienced before.

I feel much more comfortable and loose, since my back is freed, my legs can be bent much more easily, increasing the range of flexion without pain.

Sergi Llongueras – BIKE Magazine


In this video you can see one of Sergi Llongueras’ training sessions with the RISE Campmajó, the prototype prior to the Abu Dhabi edition, at his famous training park in Orrius, a few months before he leaves for the world championships in Abu Dhabi 2022.

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