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We are so proud to announce that Jaime Lafita, living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since 2016, has completed the 650km of the Death Valley in the USA with our Cellecs etandem bike. On April 9, Jaime and his family and colleagues from his foundation dalecandELA, along with many supporters took part in the nine-day cycling journey, to raise critically needed funds and awareness of the disease. Campmajó Bikes collaborated creating a very special tandem specific for Jaime’s needs to make sure that he completed this journey as comfortable as possible.

“This tandem is a gem, amazing. It is comfortable, robust, rolls well, solid, safe, noise-free, works like a clock… we have really enjoyed it. We climbed endless mountain climbs, we rode along straight roads that were lost in the horizon… and we went down 20 km mountain downhills, straight, without curves, with a gentle, continuous slope, without traffic and without braking until we reached 90 km/h with no other sensation than enjoyment and freedom.” highlighted Lafita.

DalecandELA which translates to “Ride On ALS,” was founded by Jaime in 2019 to raise awareness of the disease and source funds for research and people living with ALS. Over the last four years, the Foundation has raised over $450,000 and has been recognized by the Spanish Society of Neurology and the European Conference on Rare Diseases. In 2021, Lafita completed a 600-mile bike trek from Getxo, Spain, to Brussels, Belgium, where he was welcomed by the President of the European Parliament on World ALS Day on June 21, which was the focus of the documentary, Tandem.

After months of careful planning, training, and preparation, and all under the close eye and supervision of his accompanying physician, Lafita started his journey in Bilbao, where he and family and DalecandELA flew to Los Angeles, California in preparation for the Death Valley Ride to Cure ALS. The days following, Lafita, his family, and his companions biked through California, crossing through Baker, Tecopa, Sunset Camp, Mesquite Campground, Eureka Dunes, Brown’s Town, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe Campsite, Mariposa, and finally concluded their ride at Yosemite National Park. 

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24/04/2024 ALS Network: (EN) Celebrating Collaboration: the 2024 Death Valley Ride to Cure ALS

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