This October we sent this beautiful Céllecs tandem to the M&G Premium Cycling Club in Granada. A club of cycling enthusiasts with more than 40 members, 20 of which compete regularly. Among the members of the club this 2023 are the CX Champion of Andalucía 2023 ranking, Champion of Granada, two champions of Córdoba, Runner-up of Jaén and a #3 in Open Andalucía. Some members also participate in marathons. So we couldn’t be more proud that this tandem is now part of the team!

The tandem bike project is part of a grant from the Paralympic Committee, so we had a limited budget and even so, we are extremely happy with the result! This tandem bike has a Rockshox fork and Michelin tires perfect for the mountain with GTR wheels that offer very good resistance at an affordable price.

Making each one of our tandems to measure is one of the added values ​​that characterize us. In this case, the driver is a girl for whom we have adapted the front part of the frame, in the photos you can see how the frame is smaller and more compact than usual.

In this “Céllecs” model, our XC tandem model, we have curved the front lower tube a little more to improve the aesthetics, give more space to the front wheel with the suspension and allow the wheel to be turned completely without the suspension plate touches the frame.

In addition, by using tubes of a considerable diameter we can use only two tubes at the front, giving an aesthetic more similar to that of a mountain bike without losing rigidity or resistance.

The good thing about our tandems is that even though their components are not high-end, the functionality is always good since they all have our own external primary transmission system with the Anchorage ISCG05 tensioning system.

Below you can find all the technical characteristics and components of this basic black hard tail tandem.