Although we have machines that help us to be faster in the production of CNC machined parts, our work methodology is artisanal, each bike is unique and is cut, welded, aligned and painted by hand.

Our workshop is completely self-sufficient, we do all the processes necessary for the bike to be finished here, from shaping the tubes to assembling the components. In addition, customers have the option to come to the workshop and see how the manufacture of their bike or tandem progresses.


Our work methodology has always been based on adapting each bike to each cyclist as much as possible. That is why, before proposing a standard geometry, either unique or with sizes, we have always opted for “bike fitting”.

Bike fitting is a quick and easy option with which, through a form of main measurements, a fairly approximate geometry can be extracted that adapts to the body proportions of each cyclist.

Currently, we also have the collaboration of Muntane Full Balance “MFB” a team of engineers and biomechanics that offers a biomechanical study with an innovative and patented system where it is sought that the bicycle, not only fits the body, but which also adapts to the movement and natural oscillation of each pilot.

Campmajó, together with Muntané have joined forces to create the Muntané Full Balance bicycles. Innovative bicycles that bring health and well-being to our customers.


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Once we extract the final geometry through the “bike fitting” form or receive the geometry as measured by your biomechanical study directly from Muntané Full Balance, our engineers process it to convert it into the basis on which the your bike

Here, our job will be to design all machined parts such as dropouts, brake mounts and bridges. Always looking for the best balance between lightness, resistance and aesthetics.

In addition, we will add the tubes with the shapes you prefer. In this way we can send you the design so that you can get a preliminary idea and confirm to us that we start with the process.

This is how the manufacture of all our bikes begins.


We work with a wide variety of types of tubes, of different materials and shapes. Our main raw material is cylindrical tubes, but we also usually assemble pre-formed tubes. In case the cylindrical tubes have to be shaped we will make use of our own tube forming tools, these tools created by ourselves allow us to give aesthetic shapes to the tubes without having to leave the workshop.

Then we proceed to cut all the tubes by hand looking for maximum precision in order to guarantee a union as compact and rigid as possible between all the components that will form the final bike.


Once we have all the parts correctly designed, through our numerical control “CNC” machines, we start the machining of the corresponding parts. Starting from a metal block, material will be extracted until you have the exact piece.

Thanks to having this great tool, we can offer a great finish to our bikes and guarantee the highest quality.


We have a tool designed by us which allows us to adjust the lengths and angles of any geometry that is proposed to us. This is a great advantage that allows us to customize each of our bikes without having to make major logistical changes within our production process.

Once the four main points have been placed and fixed, stem, pipe, bottom bracket and toes, the rest of the tubes will be placed to make the first welding points that will allow us to have the whole frame as a whole.


Our welds are the result of many years of experience in this field, welding all types of parts, tubes and different metals. A well-done weld makes bikes stiffer, stronger and less prone to cracking. It also makes the bikes look much more finished.

We mainly work with T.I.G (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding with aluminum and silver alloy with steel elements. If desired, it can also be delivered with a polished weld finish.


All the metals that are welded reach high temperatures, when these cool, internal tensions are created within the material that can later translate into unwanted breaks. To avoid this we always apply a heat treatment. 

On 7000 aluminum bikes, which is what we mostly use, it only takes 72 hours of rest for the frame to be ready to start its useful life. In the case of other types of metals, the type of treatment required may vary. In any case, before the next step, the panel is allowed to pass the appropriate heat treatment hours.


During the whole process, great care is taken to ensure that the frame does not take unwanted twists, which is why it is continuously being aligned during the process. 

Even so, after the welds have cooled, and the corresponding heat treatment has passed, a final alignment is made again to ensure that the final position of the frame is completely correct for harmonious operation with all the components that are They will ride on it later.


Paint is a key part of customizing and finishing your bike. That’s why we offer more than 100 colors to choose from when making your design. We paint the paintings in the workshop in a room solely dedicated to painting, to offer the best possible quality. 

In addition to specific colors, you can also choose more elaborate designs with specific lines, specific areas or even more elaborate designs like camouflage.

Depending on the design, more than two layers of paint will be applied to be able to add all the colors, once the picture is painted we apply a layer of varnish to guarantee its durability.


In the event that you want us to assemble the components, we will order them and they will be previously sent to the workshop. the last step to finalize the bike is to incorporate all the agreed components, leaving it finished and ready to ride and enjoy.

The bike or final frame can be picked up directly at the workshop in Perafort (Tarragona) or we can send it to you at home including the price of this in the final cost of the bike. We ship worldwide!  


Thanks to our artisan work methodology, we are specialists in adapting our products to the physical needs and aesthetic preferences of each of our customers. If you have a preconceived idea of ​​what you want your bike to look like, don’t hesitate to let us know.