For more than two years we have been working together with the engineers and biomechanics of Muntané Full Balance (“MFB”) who have developed a system of geometries that adapts not only to your body measurements and proportions, but also to the your own rocking motion during pedaling. This improvement in movement and in the interaction between frame and fork ensures that the cyclist pedals in a healthy position at all times without generating any tension or long-term respiratory blockage.

After making over 5 muscular MFB bikes for customers with injuries who were looking for a bike that would allow them to enjoy cycling again without any pain, we created the first electric MFB.

Handcrafting a custom aluminium frame with an integrated electric battery is not at all simple. It takes a high level of expertise in design, innovation and welding within the reach of very few craftsmen. It is a task that big brands cannot provide either, since custom-made bikes can’t be mass-produced.

To achieve a completely healthy interaction between frame and fork, the MFB system uses smaller steering angles and considerably more fork throw than what we are used to seeing on the market. That is why for these bikes at Campmajó we also manufacture the suspension plates to measure and mount them on the fork chosen by the customer.

Below you can find more information about Muntané Full Balance and its innovative concept:

For the assembly of this bike we assembled a medium component pack ensuring good resistance to all those parts where electric bikes suffer the most: the rims and the rear hub. That is why we have mounted wheels from Racing Parts, a Spanish wheel brand that we have started working with this year and with which we are very satisfied.

Another special component of this bike is the seat. In addition to the correct position and well-being generated by an MFB geometry, we want to ensure that the rider’s comfort is maximum, that is why we have assembled an Ergon seat, which offer a lot of quality both in terms of materials and in terms of biomechanics This seat is the SMC CORE size S “men”, adapted to what the pilot needed, to eliminate numbness, a surface that did not put any pressure on him and a good back support.

We are convinced that this bike is the best option for anyone looking for an electric bike, but especially for all those people who have injuries or suffer from discomfort when riding a bike and the geometries that are there in the market they are currently prevented from enjoying cycling.

Below you will find the PDF document with the technical data sheet for this particular bike, where the specifications of the frame, the assembly of components and the final price of all the parts that make up this bike are indicated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.