Information about tandem bikes

Although they are becoming more common, two-seater bicycles or tandem bicycles are still quite unknown to most people. Over the years, we’ve received many questions related to tandems that we think can answer any questions you may have and help guide you if you’re still not sure what type of tandem you’re looking for, or if you’re just wondering reporting In case none of the questions solve your doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

A tandem is a bicycle for two people, they are placed in front of each other. Both participate in its movement through pedaling and each of them has pedals, a seat and a handlebar.

In tandem bicycles, the two cyclists participate in the pedaling movement to transmit force to the wheel of the rudder, generate traction and move forward. Two chains are used, one that connects the chainrings of the two riders and another that transmits the moment of force of the rider to the rear axle of the bike. Instead, the steering, brakes and gear shifting are controlled only by the rider in front. The radere rider only participates by pedaling and accompanying the turns and movement of the tandem with his body.

The force that is transmitted to the wheel is always the sum of the two pedals, therefore, if one of the two does not pedal, nothing happens, simply all the effort will be done by the other.

The size between the axles of the tandems is not fixed. Since they are custom-made tandems and of different types, the length between axles can vary. Even so, so that you can get a rough idea, a road tandem is usually around 1700mm while a mountain one is closer to 1800mm.

Although tandems can be made with all kinds of wheels, the ones we make are always with a 29″ wheel. It is the size that allows cyclists greater comfort, allows them to go faster and is less affected by the irregularities of the terrain.

They are fast! In this type of bicycle, the pedaling effort is divided between two people, so much more power is generated to move forward. In addition, on flats and downhills you can notice even more since the aerodynamics are the same as that of a normal bike.

They are efficient! The weight of a tandem is less than that of two conventional bicycles together, which means that less weight must be moved for the same generated power.

They are ideal for doing sports with another person, a certain level of coordination is needed between the two cyclists and this makes every outing a pleasant adventure as a couple.

No need to stop to wait for the other person. Tandems are ideal for outings between two people with different physical abilities and always going at a good pace! It is not necessary for both people to exert the same effort on the climbs.

The co-pilot has his hands available. In tandems, only the pilot in front controls the handlebars, so the second pilot has his hands free to access the water or the luggage without the need to stop.

They are one of the best cycling activities that can be done with blind people, people with reduced mobility or any other disability that allows them to pedal. Going with a tandem allows them to rediscover sensations such as speed, the physical effort of the climbs, to feel the air again on the flats and descents and to live great experiences with their friends and acquaintances.

They are also a great tool for all those parents who want to introduce their young children to cycling but want to do it in a safe and controlled environment

The design of each of our tandems is the result of many years of trial and error, of constant product improvement in order to offer the best possible experience to our customers. Our intention is to be able to take the tandem sector to the next level and that lovers of two-wheeled bicycles can find the same quality and features that they find when they buy a conventional bicycle. That is why our tandems offer great quality in materials, structure and design, they are designed to be able to mount the latest technology in components.

In addition, we offer the possibility of total customization of every aspect of the tandem; color, geometry and components. We believe that, both with bicycles and tandems, the experience is better when you make it your own, you know that your tandem is unique in the world, it is made to your size and you participated in its design.

In tandems, the part that suffers the most are the wheels, especially the rear wheel. They are wheels that have to support twice the weight of a normal bicycle wheel and, especially in mountain tandems, where the roads are more irregular, the wheels suffer a lot. This is why we recommend always using a double suspension tandem for the mountains, since apart from absorbing the irregularities of the terrain saving work on the rear wheel, it also greatly improves the comfort and experience of the second rider.

If you have any other questions about our product or are interested in buying, do not hesitate to contact us!