Over the past few months we have received several questions and requests regarding a tandem model that would have a low step over in the back. The main virtue that defines us as a brand is that of being able to adapt our products to each customer, so seeing that this modification is something that can improve the tandem riding experience of many people, we decided to go ahead with the design and make it come true.

Our tandem bike with rear low step over optimizes accessibility, with its ergonomic design it simplifies the process of entry and exit. That is why this model becomes an ideal ally for a wide range of cyclists. This type of frame is particularly beneficial for people with limited mobility, beginner cyclists or those looking for maximum comfort and safety on their rides.

Compared to a straight tube, this ergonomic setup provides a more natural entry and exit, reducing the need to lift your legs to awkward heights, giving confidence to less experienced riders or those who may feel insecure about riding a conventional tandem.

In this first model we have designed it for an electric rigid mountain tandem, but it is a configuration that, except for double suspension frames, we can adapt it to any type of frame either gravel or road, electric or muscular.

The assembly of this bike has been a pack of medium-high range components. With a Rockshox Reba RL 29″ Boost 120mm travel fork and Crankbrothers dropper seat posts, this model is ideal for tackling quite demanding mountain trails.

The Shimano Deore XT 12v drivetrain combined with our proprietary external drivetrain and chain tensioner with ISCG05 anchorage tensioner system makes this tandem the most reliable operating system possible.

For the kit of saddles, handlebars and front stem, the preference for riders has been the PRO brand, which offers very good quality at an affordable price. In the following document you can find exactly which models they have chosen.

For the rear stem, as on all our models, we have fitted our own adjustable rear stem. This stem model allows you to find the perfect stocker handlebar position without having to move the captain saddle.

We love the wheel pack! It’s the one we recommend the most as the combination of M30 29″ aluminum Racing Parts wheels combined with 2.4″ Vittoria MTB E-Agarro tires make one of the best possible combinations for a rigid electric mountain tandem.

Racing Parts wheels offer great resistance not only in the rim, but also in the wheel. With the steel core, they are the perfect choice to support the enormous torque generated by the sum of two people pedaling and the electric motor.

As for the tires, this model provides great grip on mountain roads while the height and density of the studs is ideal for continuing to pick up speed on flat tracks where you want to ride.

In the following document you can find all the detailed information of the frame, chosen components and prices of this particular tandem. For any doubts you can contact us through our Whatsapp or email.