In 2021 we debuted as one of the first, if not the first brand in the world, to build and market an electric tandem with double suspension. Seeing how successful it was in taking the mountain bike experience to another level, it was clear to us that we had an extraordinary bike on our hands.

That is why we have spent the last two years improving every aspect of this product, to offer a new version, renewed and optimized down to the last detail. In fact, last September we introduced the innovative frame and primary drive system at Sea Otter Europe 2023 and it was a huge success!

The main improvements we have made are the following:

Finishes refinement: both thinking about optimizing the manufacturing process and improving the aesthetics and operation of the tandem. We have improved and simplified the machining, reduced the number of welds in the battery boxes and simplified the suspension system. In addition, we have already painted the new Campmajó lettering and we love how it looks!

New battery boxes: with the main goal of being able to mount removable batteries, we have made much simpler and lighter battery boxes adapted to mount OLI 630Wh batteries. Now you can remove the battery with a single “click” and charge it wherever you want!

We can mount a double battery: for normal use of the tandem, a single 630wh battery is more than enough. Even so, for the more adventurous customers, we wanted to offer a tandem that was capable of long-distance trips (more than 120km) and that is why we offer the option of mounting two batteries. As you can see in the example in the photographs. The batteries are interchangeable, the one closest to the engine is the one that is operational, once it runs out it can be swapped with the spare that goes in the front tube.

Better suspension system: we have redesigned the entire suspension system. Now the connecting rods are thicker, which makes the whole system more robust. In addition, we have integrated a new system in which the bearings are integrated into the pivot shaft. This system improves their aesthetics and makes them require much less maintenance.

The frame includes the entire primary drivetrain: by carrying the battery on the horizontal downtube, the chainstay is quite narrow. We assemble our own spiders ourselves to make sure the chain is properly aligned and everything works perfectly. That is why we believe that the easiest thing for the customer is for the tandem frame to come with the entire primary drive system already  assembled, the rest is as simple as assembling a normal bike.

In the following document you can see all the technical characteristics, the price and the assembly that we offer for the primary transmission system: