We introduce Amanda and Alexander’s tandem. This is undoubtedly the tandem with the most elaborate painting we have done to date, it is also the design with the most personality. A beautiful gradient of yellow to purple passing through orange, with a matte finish.

Like all our work, this design has been handcrafted and we are very happy with the result. We have not only painted the frame but also the two stems and the fork, adapting the color to the gradient of the painting.

In this case the clients have contributed all the components of their old tandem, so at Campmajó we have been in charge of making the frame, the stocker stem, the painting and the components’ assembly.

This is a muscular gravel tandem of our GR range. Like all our tandems, the frame has been tailor-made for both the captain and the stocker through our own bikefitting system. 

In this case, the tandem is for a couple in which the two are passionate about cycling, specifically tandems. In his driving Alex always goes in the front and Amanda in the back, so we have been able to make the exact geometry for each rider. 

In this way we ensure the best position when pedaling, providing much more comfort and long-term well-being.

About the components, we can highlight some details that have seemed a great choice to us. First of all, the stem with a shock absorber. Having a small point of bounces’ absorption in a rigid tandem that will go through sand trails is highly recommended to improve the comfort and health of the pelvic area in the long term. 

We also highlight the 4-strokes Hope brake calipers combined with the Sram Force handles. It is the first tandem we assemble with these brake calipers and our first impression has been very good!  

In addition, the Force levers have allowed us to mount an electronic gearshifter with which we reduce the wiring and make it look much cleaner and elegant.

The last point to highlight are the tires. If what you are looking for is a good performance on the gravel tandem, we believe that the the Vittoria Terreno tires are a great choice

The very low knobs, almost slick profile in the middle part, gives it a very roller behavior when riding straight. Maintaining bigger knobs at the edges, it continues to ensure a good grip in the curves of dirt tracks.

Both the fork and the upper chainstays have holes for bag holders. We hope to see many photos of many kilometers from this couple of fans of this beautiful sport that is tandem cycling!

In the following document you can find all the information related to this tandem: frame specifications, prices and more detailed photographs.