Fully customizable 26" trial bikes


Here you will find all the specifications and general characteristics of our 26″ trial bikes. Remember that both the frame and its components are customizable. Our bikes come with the component packs you’ll see below by default, but if you want one or more different components, you can tell us in the customization form you’ll find at the end of this page. The price of the components is added to the final price of the frame and fork.


A partir de las observaciones y pruebas realizadas, Muntané Full Balance ha diseñado cuatro posibles tallas estándar para poder aproximar la geometría más adecuada para cada piloto sin la necesidad de un estudio biomecánico.

We currently offer an online assessment with no commitment where, together with the Muntané Full Balance biomechanics, we analyze your current position on your bike and advise you, not only on what is the best size for you, but also what is the optimal handlebar and stem position for it. To make this assessment we only need the following information:

1 – 4 measurements from the “Campmajó trials measures taking guide”.
2 – 2 photos of you on the bike from the side, as perpendicular to the bike as possible. One with both wheels on the ground and another on the back wheel position. Both with the handlebars as straight as possible.
3 – Stem and handlebars size you are currently using and a close up of the position you are using them.

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Aluminium frame and fork including mounting of Clean components





  • Aluminium frame and fork
  • Online size assessment
  • Frame painting (1 frame colour + 1 logo colour)
  • Choosen components pack
  • Assembly of components
  • VAT included


Aluminium frame and fork


  • Aluminium frame and fork
  • Online size assessment
  • Frame painting (1 frame colour + 1 logo colour)
  • VAT included


Customizable WAW stem extender 


  • Aluminium stem extender
  • Online size advice
  • VAT included


To be able to use a shorter reach, but at the same time have the hands in a correct position matching the position that is sought in current trial bikes (an advanced and low position that gives us comfort in the gaps to front and hangs) we need longer a longer stem than normal.

For the 26 model, we use 190mm stem. There are currently no such long stems on the market. That is why, while we do not manufacture our own, we offer the solution of mounting an extender.

The advantage of using an extender is that it allows us to adjust the position in which we want to put the pilot’s hands to the millimetre, and you can also try different positions without having to change the stem.


Thanks to our artisan work methodology, we are specialists in adapting our products to the physical needs and aesthetic preferences of each of our clients.

Below you can fill out the form that will allow us to receive all the necessary information to put together your budget. We will contact you if we need any further details. Once the budget is agreed, we will place your order in our production line and will begin the manufacturing process shortly.

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