Last November our pilot Sergi Llongueras took part in the UCI Trials World Championship. The most important and prestigious competition of the entire UCI trials international calendar, which he won in the past 2019. We could see how our bikes faced some of the most demanding sections in the world which included stones, round concrete blocks, palm tree trunks, water and desert sand!

The competition began on Friday with a 3-lap semi-finals in sweltering heat, the desert weather was an additional challenge for the riders. Sergi played a spectacular role throughout all sections scoring between 30 and 60 points in each. In the third lap, he made a mistake that cost him his place in the final. In such high level competitions, any mistakes pay dearly. A small skid of the rudder wheel in the first obstacle of a section caused the bike axle to throw an arrow, which causes immediate elimination from the section, with no chance to keep fighting to get the remaining 50 points.

Even so, we are very proud of Sergi’s performance not only this World Championship, but also this whole year 2022 in which, as a team, we have made enormous progress in his process of adapting to his new geometry Muntané Full Balance, which changed slightly in this new Abu Dhabi edition.

“I’m really starting to notice how the interaction of the movement between my body and this bike is much more fluid and natural, I feel like I still need hours on the bike to feel completely confident. But there’s no doubt that we’re in the right path to make this new concept a reality, create the ideal bike for my body and achieve great results in the elite trials again. But this time, prioritizing my health and well-being.”

Campmajó RISE

Customized design with a geometry that respects the natural movement of your body