This past August the UCI organized the cycling Super World Championships in Glasgow. The biggest world championships in the history of cycling, hosting 21 disciplines and 200 podiums, between 120 countries and almost 3,000 participants.

Our trial riders Irene Caminos and Sergi Llongueras, participated with Campmajó RISE in the respective disciplines of women’s 20″ trial and elite 26″. The zones featured obstacles constructed from reels, wine barrels, sleepers, concrete, stones and logs.

Irene Caminos, our elite female rider who had just finished third in the Spanish Championship and with a good chance of making it to Sunday’s grand finale, gave a good performance in front of very demanding sections. Even so, after the three laps in the 5 sections of the circuit, she scored #12.

“Things have not turned out as we expected… There are days when things work out and others when they don’t… and this time nothing has turned out” Irene Caminos

In the men’s 26″ elite category, our pilot Sergi Llongueras also did a great semi-final. It started with an error in the second section, where he scored 0 points for inadvertently going through a red gate. This caused him to fall very far down the classification, to position 25. Throughout the competition he climbed positions in front of very technical and physically demanding areas due to a large number of gates, each section had at least two gates. Finally Sergi achieved the 9th position, a positive result but one that leaves us wanting more knowing what Sergi and Irene are capable of.

“The main objective of this World Cup was to enter the final but it was not the day. These technical and long sections showed me my weakness which is to be able to keep a fast pace without stopping to add as many points as possible. The only way to get a bit of an advantage over the rest of the riders was to get to sector 4 and 5 fresh enough to pass them. In my case I had the level to do them, but every time I arrived too tired to do them or even try them on time. So it was really hard for me to score enough points to score a place in the top 6. I know I gave everything I had there, I’m satisfied. I just need to keep working on being a more complete rider! 💪🏼💯” Sergi Llongueras