Sergi reached the highest level of trials in 2019, when he won the UCI World Championships in Chengdu, China. Sergi is currently training and competing to win the World Championship again and to bring his vision of elite sport to the trials: sport and health at the highest level.

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At the age of 12, Sergi began practicing trials, at 18 he became runner-up in Europe and the Junior World Championship, entering several finals of the UCI Trials World Cup in the elite category while still a junior.

After going through several knee injuries, in 2018 he returned stronger than ever, having a great season and becoming Spanish Champion, third in the World Cup and Elite World Runner-up.

At the beginning of 2019 he underwent another operation that left him far behind in the season, however he achieved his main objective and the dream of his life, to be World Champion and win his first rainbow jersey.

Sergi has been a Campmajó Bikes rider since 2020, when in collaboration with Muntané Full Balance we designed a custom bicycle adapted to his movement and his body to overcome the knee pain that he had been experiencing for years.

For this project, Sergi needed a bicycle brand that, following his vision, was capable of producing new and innovative prototypes and accompanying him in the development of a bicycle concept that had not yet been done before in the world of trials.

His current bike, the Campmajó RISE 26″ has an innovative geometry within the world of trials with a very short reach, a great fork launch and a very long stem. All the necessary requirements to adapt it to your body and natural movement.

"Winning my first World Championship was enormously satisfying, but I knew that something was not right in me. All the injuries and pain I had were not allowing me to be happy and enjoy the moment. It was then when I met the Biomechanics of Muntané Full Balance and together with Campmajó we decided to create the first trial bicycle adapted to the dimensions and natural movement of the rider.
Thanks to this bicycle I can continue enjoying my passion while bringing health to a sport that has a reputation for being prone to injuries."
Sergi Llongueras

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Campmajó RISE

The first geometry in the world of trials
that respects the natural movement of your body

Sergi Llongueras in the
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Sergi Llongueras in the
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