Manufacture and production of bicycle frames, forks and parts in aluminium, steel and titanium

Thanks to our infrastructure, high specialization and self-sufficiency, we can help you realize different and innovative ideas and projects by manufacturing your product. Not only in cycling, but also in any other area where the production of metal parts, both aluminum and steel, is needed. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field, we have CNC machines and we are experts in welding aluminium, steel and titanium.

We love special and innovative projects, which seek to go beyond what already exists and bring new solutions to the world. The advantage of working with us is that we are industrialized artisans, that is to say that the treatment is personal and close to be able to discuss and define as much as possible every detail of the product but at the same time we have the appropriate machinery to be able to produce large quantities of pieces . We manufacture both individual units and productions of parts or complete products.

Here are some examples of companies that trust us to manufacture their products:


MFB is a company dedicated to selling frames looking to reach performance through health by achieving the most harmonious interaction possible between the movement of the bike and the body of each rider. We are sure that we are working on a project that is the future of cycling!


Myotragus is a Mallorcan company of Downhill bikes that bets on a patented suspension system, totally unique, innovative and different from everything we find on the market today. A project in development that we are very excited to be a part of!


At Canya recumbent bike, they bet on recumbent bikes, a bike that is both electric and muscular, with geometry designed for “off road” terrain and that allows you to ride in a position that reduces loads on the lumbar area, back, neck and forearms.


Manufacture of the frame and fork of 6 identical replicas of a classic trial bicycle from the 80s of the Rubies brand. A very special project for us since the origins of Campmajó begin in the trialsin competitions of the 80s.

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