Thanks to our artisan work methodology, we are specialists in adapting our products to the physical needs and aesthetic preferences of each of our customers. This is why we can offer you the following options: (1) geometry with Muntané Full Balance system, (2) geometry of your preference or (3) “bike fitting”. If you want one of the first two options, contact us. If interested in “bike fitting”, continue reading!

On this page you will find the necessary form to adapt the bike to your measurements. Once we receive this form, we will contact you to finalize the final details before sending you our budget. Once the budget is agreed, we will begin the creation process.

For any doubts on the process, do not hesitate to contact us through whatsapp.


Bike fitting is the easiest option to adapt each bike to its cyclists’ body proportion. This is calculated through the below form, gathering the pilots relevant measurements.

The following are the 5 necessary “bike fitting” measurements to create a geometry adapted to each pilot:

  1. Inseam: vertical line from the floor to the pelvis bone
  2. Suprasternal notch: vertical line from the floor to the cavity above the sternum, right at the base of the neck
  3. Total height in upright position
  4. Arm: horizontal line from the centre of the fist to the wall. With the elbow at 90° and leaning against the wall
  5. Forearm: horizontal line from the centre of the fist to the wall. Arm fully extended following the horizontal line of the floor

To take the measurements you need to be barefoot and the arm measurements always should reach the centre of the closed fist, as if you were holding the handlebar of the bike.


1. Wheels (rims and tires) / 2. Brakes / 3. Gearshiftter / 4. Handlebars and stem / 5. Front suspension / 6. Rear suspension / 7. Fork (in case of gravel or road) / 8. Front crank set / 9. Seat-posts and seats
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