We present our first GURUGÚ 🏔️⚡


We present to you the first Gurugú tandem that we bring to the world! In this case, a double suspension tandem e bike with the economical component pack.

The Gurugú model is our enduro tandem model, that is, with double suspension, designed to enjoy the mountains as a couple without limits! From a pleasant ride along tracks and trails with the maximum comfort provided by the double suspension, to the most demanding trails and descents.

What differentiates it from our previous versions?

This is the improved version of our old EN-DUO model. The EN-DUO model was revolutionary as it was the first electric double suspension tandem manufactured in the world. Since then we have been working hard to polish every detail, especially in the technological and maintenance aspects. Below we list some of the main improvements:

  • The integrated battery box is located in the middle and lower part of the frame. This position allows us to lower the center of gravity of the entire assembly, providing more fluid and safer riding and maneuverability. Furthermore, by having the battery right next to the engine, the entire electrical installation with internal wiring is reduced and simplified.

  • The battery is integrated and removable. Now, by incorporating the OLI Greenway hermetic battery, it is now possible to remove it from the tandem with a single click and take it wherever you want to charge or replace it.

  • We improved the aesthetics of the front part of the frame. By having the battery at the bottom, we have been able to maintain the characteristic aesthetic of our muscular mountain tandems, with a curved down tube to ensure that when turning, the fork crown does not touch the frame whatever the geometry we manufacture.

  • Better aesthetics and operation of the entire suspension system. In this version, the suspension linkage system has been redesigned so that the bearings are internal and, therefore, are more protected from dirt and the elements. Apart from this, all the parts that make up the system have also been redesigned to make it simpler and more robust.

  • Better CNC finishes. Each of the frame’s machining has been redesigned to optimize its operation and improve the final finishes, giving it a more modern and elegant appearance.
Tándem eléctrico de montaña económico
Tándem eléctrico económico
Tándem eléctrico de montaña económico

Affordable double electric tandem bike

We have made this tandem for a couple from Barcelona who really want to share their mountain outings. In their case they wanted an affordable electric mountain tandem so we assembled basic components to ensure that the price remained as low as possible.

In your case, the use of the tandem will be focused mainly on quiet outings on the track without seeking great performance. Even so, they decided on the double suspension model since it is the one that offers greater comfort to the co-pilot, absorbing all the impacts and vibrations that the rear wheel may receive. In this way also, if necessary, they have the possibility of going through a more technical trail with complete peace of mind.

Below, we leave you the unique customization features of this tandem:

Frame model

Double suspension electric mountain tandem

List of main components:

– Wheels: Racing Parts M30 29”
– Tires: Michelin WILD 29×2.4
– Brakes: Shimano Deore 4 pistons
– Rotors: Shimano 220mm
– Drivetrain: Campmajó external drivetrain system
– Rear shift and shift lever: Shimano Deore 11v

– Captain cranks: Shimano SLX 170mm
– Stocker cranks: Clean X1 ISIS 170mm
– Cassette: Shimano LinkGlide 11v 11/51
– Chains: KMC 11v plata
– Handlebars: Shimano PRO LT 20mm rise
– Fork: Rockshox Revelation 160mm
– Shock: Rockshox DELUXE ULTIMATE RCT 230x65mm
– Captain stem: UNO 90mm +/-6°
– Stocker stem: Campmajó adjustable
– Seats: Selle Sant Remo
– Seat posts: UNO 31,6mm

Electric sistem

– Drive unit: OLI E-Bike Systems Edge-SH de 250W i 90Nm
– Batery: Integrated and removable OLI Greenway 630Wh


Frame color:

RAL 6013
Reed green

Logos color:

PB15 – Pearl
Polar white


Frame + primary drivetrain


VAT included



VAT included

Complete tandem bike


VAT included

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